Robert Davis RD Heritage Discusses Different Ways Businesses Can Promote Themselves Online

Robert Davis RD Heritage
3 min readNov 16, 2020


The Internet is an incredible and often untapped resource for businesses. Particularly during the global pandemic when traditional methods of advertising might be less effective (such as in-store or in-person interactions and offers), making use of online resources has never been so important.

RD Heritage Group’s Robert Davis spent ten years working in emergency medicine before making the switch to investments and strategic partnerships. Now, he is the co-founder of RD Heritage Group — a partnership of five family offices with similar values investing in everything from Real Estate, to medical technology, to oil and gas, to pharmaceuticals, and artificial intelligence. RD Heritage Group takes a hands-on investing approach, providing resources in fundraising, marketing, and international trade. As an involved investor with a love for making the numbers work in his favor, Dr. Davis understands the power of online engagement in business success.

Targeted Ads

Perhaps the most obvious approach to growing your business online is through the use of advertisement. But, Dr. Robert Davis of RD Heritage Group suggests taking it a step further and targeting your ads to the right audience. Simply putting an ad out on the web isn’t enough. “Figure out where your ideal customer spends their time online and cater to them through that platform,” he says. For example, if you are a fashion business looking to sell amazing clothing, set up your Instagram ads to target people searching for fashion-specific hashtags. You’ll find you get more engagement with targeted ads than simply throwing yourself out into the digital abyss.

Strategic Online Partnerships

There are millions of people online and many of them are creating content. Dr. Robert Davis advises businesses to look out for influencers in their niche and consider partnering with them. It could be anything from a paid post to offering a free service or product as a prize in a contest. Working with influencers or platforms that cater specifically to your preferred audience and boost your customer base exponentially.


When it comes to content, you don’t necessarily have to rely on others, says Dr. Davis. Consider creating and writing your own blog in your area of expertise. The key here is to make sure you post regularly to keep your customers coming back and reminded of your business and services. It also lends you credibility in your field, which is ideal for building trust with your customers.


The most important part of having an online presence as a business is using it to engage with your current and potential customers. This can be done in a multitude of ways, but if you’re just starting out, consider focusing on reaching out to your customers through email blasts, press releases, and other informative and fun ways. If you’re already comfortable being online, you might consider creating YouTube tutorials to connect with your customers and show them that you are real, reliable, and relatable. Not only do you want to engage with others, but you want to create real connections to build trust and loyalty.

Dr. Robert Davis knows running a business isn’t easy, especially in 2020. But if you can make the time to get online and create real engagement, you’ll find that your business will be better for it.