Robert Davis Provides Some Helpful Resources to Help Parents with Online Learning

Robert Davis RD Heritage
3 min readJan 25, 2021


According to district data, Clark County School District students received more failing grades during the fall semester of distance learning than in previous school years. The percentage of ‘F’ grades in this district have more than doubled since the start of the pandemic. As a result, Robert Davis believes that it is vital that families and students receive the support they need to adapt to virtual learning. As a Las Vegas resident for the past 17 years, and as the Founder of RD Heritage Group, he is deeply invested in the health and resilience of his community. Whether you live in Southern Nevada, or anywhere else for that matter, Robert Davis explains that these resources can help your child flourish in a virtual learning environment.

Wide Open School

One of the biggest challenges of virtual learning is keeping students engaged. Wide Open School, an online resource to help families and educators find trusted resources to enrich and support distance learning, partners with reputable organizations to provide an array of content shared through videos, articles, and other learning modules. Robert Davis explains that students can find free, high-quality learning activities across subjects all in one place. With more than 80 partners and supporters that have come together to meet the change in learning due to the pandemic, you can feel confident using this as a resource for your kids. He states that the key to finding virtual learning resources is being able to ensure that the information being provided is credible, well-researched, and vetted. In partnership with PBS, National Geographic, Time, and many more, students can connect with content that has been validated by reputable learning organizations.

Khan Academy

Next, Robert Davis highly recommends Khan Academy, a non-profit organization on a mission to provide free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Every student on this platform can practice at their own pace, first filling in any gaps in their knowledge and then accelerating their learning. Created by experts in learning and education, Khan Academy has a library of trusted practices and lessons that cover everything from math to science and English. This incredible resource is free for learners and teachers alike. Based on the belief that every child deserves the chance to learn, Khan Academy is supported (and trusted) by major companies ranging from Bank of America to Google and General motors.


If you haven’t heard of CK-12, you’re welcome. Based on the belief that every child should have access to education and that learning is a personal journey, CK-12 is a free resource for parents and students alike. Their user-friendly website allows you to search for any topic or subject you need additional information on and allows you to categorize it by grade and type. Providing articles, videos, study aids, lesson plans, and more, Robert Davis explains that this is an excellent way to find engaging educational content that aligns with your child’s curriculum.

Lastly, Robert Davis states that most local communities have online resources tailored to the local curriculum. In Southern Nevada, there are multiple, and they include: Virtual Homeschool PE (a live physical education lesson), At Home Discoveries (a list of carefully curated resources to help parents find ways to keep their kids learning), and Green Out Planet Virtual Academy (bringing free garden, nutrition, and hydroponic lessons online. Virtual learning is difficult, but you don’t need to do it alone.