Robert Davis on Creative Ways for Businesses to Stay Connected with Clients Using Tech

Robert Davis RD Heritage
3 min readSep 11, 2020


COVID-19 has put many businesses in a precarious position. Extended periods of government ordered shut-downs, customers staying home to self-isolate, and new guidelines surrounding cleanliness and disinfection have made doing business the way we’re used to a challenge. According to Robert Davis, of RD Heritage Group, now is the time to get creative!

Robert Davis is an innovator, entrepreneur, and collaborator who has contributed to numerous industries including medical technology, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, artificial intelligence, and more. As the founder of RD Heritage Group, Davis acknowledges the importance of appropriate marketing, advertising, and community engagement. For him, engaging with customers through digital opportunities is the key to success during this difficult time.

Robert Davis :Clients Using Tech


More often than not, customers want to hear from their favorite brands. Now is the time to ramp up that communication and leverage it to show how your company is tackling COVID-19 head on. Are you changing production lines from clothing to mask-making? Have you changed your in-store policies around customer capacity and cleanliness? Let your customers know through consistent, empathetic communication.

If you haven’t already started a newsletter for your customers through your website, now is the time to do so, says Davis.

Social Media

Connect with your customers on a new level. Start engaging in social media if you haven’t already. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn give you, the business owner, an opportunity to connect with your clientele more informally throughout the day. Consider uploading tidbits about your business operations like new shipments of product, creative displays, updates on health and safety, and even photos of your product or store. Initiatives like these help your customers feel more connected to you and what you are trying to achieve through your business, says Davis.

Robert Davis on Creative Ways for Businesses to Stay Connected with Clients Using Tech

Online Commerce

If you have traditionally relied on foot traffic or in-store or in-person interactions, it’s time to pivot. Try taking your business online through e-commerce. Build on your existing website or revamp it and use that change to fuel your newsletters and social media engagement. If your business is service based, Davis recommends offering online consultations and video conferencing as well. Meet your customers on their terms and right now, that often means on the web.


With more and more businesses struggling to keep their doors open, economies are struggling. Many people have lost their source of income and wonder about the future. Now is the time to make your business valuable to customers through added benefits. Consider investing in free swag, offering discounts, or running social media competitions where the prizes benefit and promote your business. When times get tough, customers look for value, explains Davis. If you are in a position to offer additional benefits to your customers now, it will pay dividends in the future through brand and customer loyalty.

Robert Davis’ experience in countless sectors has taught him the value of investment for future returns. While this time may be unprecedented and stressful, Davis knows it is a key opportunity for businesses to show their value, connect with customers, and demonstrate their commitment to the communities in which they operate. Technology is a powerful tool and now is the time to leverage it.