Robert Davis of RD Heritage Group On How to Keep Yourself Motivated and Optimized to Reach Success

Robert Davis RD Heritage
3 min readNov 12, 2020


Staying motivated can be challenging at the best of times. Add in a global pandemic, social isolation, and an uncertain economy and it might feel like disaster. Dr. Robert Davis of RD Heritage Group has led a successful life but has had his fair share of searching for the motivation.

Dr. Robert Davis trained at the University of Miami School of Medicine and spent ten years working in emergency rooms and in ambulatory care. His penchant for mathematics and drive to make a difference in a broader sense later led him to a career shift into investments and strategic partnerships. Since that shift over twenty-five years ago, Dr. Davis has contributed to the fields of medical technology, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, artificial intelligence, and more through hands-on investment strategies. But where does that motivation come from and how can others make the most of their own?

1. Understand What Drives You

For Dr. Davis, the what and how of a goal is less important than the why. The why is the aspect that produces motivation to get that project done. For himself, helping people in times of medical emergency or using his skills in math and strategic partnerships to grow wealth are the key drivers. “Making a difference in other people’s lives is what gets me up in the morning — it’s my passion,” says Dr. Davis.

Step one to finding your own motivation is understanding what it is about what you do that gets you excited and wanting to work. Then, keep that driver in mind when you’re facing a mountain of challenges.

2. Vision

Once you know exactly what will motivate you to get started and keep going, create a vision for your project that incorporates your ultimate reward. Dr. Robert Davis of RD Heritage Group suggests thinking about the best possible outcomes for your project. “Make sure the vision for your project speaks to your values. That way, when challenges crop up you will have a bank of motivation to draw on.”

3. Plan It Out

The best way to make a big project or goal manageable is to break it up into smaller tasks. These tidbits of achievable milestones will give you micro rewards as you go, says Dr. Davis. This will add to your bank of motivation for when the going gets tough. It also helps to break things down into a step by step plan so that you can clearly visualize where you are and where you hope to go.

4. The Power of Deadlines

If you find yourself procrastinating or overthinking part of your plan, Dr. Davis advises setting deadlines. Sometimes, the need to meet a deadline is the motivation to get you at least started, which is often the hardest part. Once you get going on a task, you might find that you are able to see the bigger picture of your vision and start to draw on that bank of motivation you started earlier.


Whatever is holding you back, there is always a way to overcome it, says Dr. Robert Davis of RD Heritage Group. Sometimes finding your motivation to get things done is as simple as taking a moment to reconnect with yourself and your own passions in life. Use those as drivers to achieve your goals, he says. After all, every step forward is a step in the right direction.