RD Heritage Co-Founder Dr. Robert Davis Discusses Post-COVID Trends & Developments in New Feature Article

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3 min readNov 12, 2020


Dr. Robert Davis, the co-founder of RD Heritage which is a partnership of five family offices and their portfolio investments that is headquartered in Las Vegas, discussed what the post-COVID new normal is likely going to look like in a new feature article published by GreenProphet.com.

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / November, 12, 2020 / Dr. Robert Davis is proud to announce he has been featured in an exclusive online interview. GreenProphet.com was founded by environmental activist, biologist and journalist Karin Kloosterman, and focuses ideas, innovations, and inspirations to build a cleaner, brighter, and better future around the world.

In the feature article, Dr. Robert Davis explored some of the rapid social and technological changes that he sees taking place across a variety of sectors and industries, and which will ensure that the post-COVID world will look markedly different than the one before.

Specifically, Dr. Robert Davis of RD Heritage Group believes that three game-changing trends will dominate in the months and years ahead: enhanced government surveillance; a greater emphasis on health with a particular focus on co-factors associated with an increased risk of dying from COVID-19; and the continued adoption of online tools, apps and platforms that enable people to work, learn, socialize, and connect with their physician all from the safety and comfort of their home.

With respect to this first expectation — increased government surveillance — Dr. Robert Davis warned that what starts out as a legitimate and necessary effort to track the virus and limit community spread could, without proper checks and limits, turn into a highly invasive long-term program of data harvesting. Unfortunately, we have seen this story play out in the past, as governments around the world have a bad habit of granting themselves extraordinary powers during emergencies, and then neglecting to rescind those powers (at least in whole) once the crisis is over.

Looking at this second expectation — greater emphasis on health — Dr. Robert Davis, whose firm invests in and supports the growth of medical device makers and pharmaceutical companies among other initiatives, speculated that we could start seeing the government provide financial incentives to individuals to get and stay healthy. While this would certainly be a paradigm shift from conventional practices, the idea is generating traction among a growing number of thought leaders who understand that in the long-run it is far cheaper to pay people to adopt healthy habits, than it is to try and heal and treat them after they develop an ailment or disease.

And with respect to the third expectation — the massive shift online — while Dr. Robert Davis welcomed the conveniences and cost-savings of tools such as Zoom, Google Drive and many others, he cautioned against society becoming so immersed with technology, that it forces some elderly individuals to the wrong side of the digital divide.

About Dr. Robert Davis

Robert Davis is co-founder at RD Heritage Group, a multi-family office partnership located in the US and Bahrain that focuses on oil and gas, renewable energy, energy, healthcare, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and agriculture. After a decade as a medical doctor, he shifted his focus to business investment in order to have a greater social impact. He has also launched the Robert Davis Scholarship Award, which provides financial support to students who demonstrate a desire to make the world a better place through small actions and self-improvement.


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